Behind Clover Lane Crates

 I am the mother of two young boys and wife to the skilled man who built the crates. I have experience in Marketing and Communications and have acquired various administrative skills and am the former owner of a wedding planning business. Where do I belong? What is next for me?

I thought I would be headed back into the office grind once the youngest started school. But this choice of career makes perfect sense and it should have been more obvious to me since over the years I have often tried to find a combination of well thought out and functional pieces to create a memorable gift that each recipient would truly appreciate. Whether they need pampering, bought a house, welcomed home a baby or simply needed a reminder about how special they are. This is what I was meant to do. 

So here I am, and here you are. Is it fair to say, you've come far enough to think I might be on to something? Do you have someone that needs to be celebrated, thanked or impressed with your gift-giving skills? Well, this is as far as you have to go. Simply find your perfect Clover Lane Crate, select a greeting and share a personal message that I will include with the gift. I will take care of you and your someone special.

Tasteful gifts with functionality, natural ingredients and made in our very own neighbourhoods across Canada.  From my hometown of Thunder Bay, ON to yours. This is going to be great!

Lots of love,

Bethanie xoxo